Friday, April 25, 2008

Just KatieBug and Me

I spent my day with dragonslair's 4 year old Katie. We had a lot of fun!

Earth Rescue Inc. Save UNCW Forest Legal Defense Meeting

On Wednesday April 23, 2008 Rhaegal helped me run the Power Point Presentation for the meeting. For more information on what we are about please visit us at

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rhaegal's Bio

This is the Bio tht JadedJenn sent with Rhaegal

NAME: Rhaegal
AGE: unknown
BIRTHDAY: April 11th (since that is the day I got him)
Gender: Male

I found Rhaegal sleeping on one of the shelves at Goodwill. I was curious to find out what a small dragon was doing at Goodwill, so I asked him. He made it very clear that he was there because he WANTED to be there. He likes to travel a lot, and decided to visit Minnesota for a while. We had a surprise spring snow storm, and he took shelter in the Goodwill store. He enjoyed playing practical jokes on the employees, such as rearranging shelves and changing prices. Rhaegal started having so much funhe lost track of time. But he was starting to get bored and asked to come home with me.
Rhaegal likes to talk a lot. He told me that he didn't have a name so I decided to name him Rhaegalafter a dragon in the book series "Song of Ice and Fire" by George R. R. Martin. Most of the ride he talked about how he likes seeing all sorts of different places and being little gives him all sorts of travel options.
We got home and he immediately took a liking to our cat, Crash. One of our dogs tried to chew on him, which he didn't particularly care for. Since then we have been taking care of him, trying to keep him out of trouble, and the dogs mouths away from him. We've learned that he seems fierce, but it is really just an act. He is little and feels threatened sometimes, so he puts on a big show. In reality he is quite friendly and gentle.
He wanted to go visit someplace else for awhile (like I said, he likes to travel) so we are sending him on his way. Take good care of him, and show him a good time!

Likes: Crash the cat, spicy food, and practical jokes

Dislikes/Fears: Dogs who try to eat/slobber on him, cold weather, and Lutefisk (we haven't fed it to him, but he's made it plenty clear.)